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Vidal Sassoon 1928-2012

Vidal Sassoon 1928-2012

The hairdressing world has been in mourning this week after the loss of a true innovator.  Vidal Sasson was a legend not only in the hairdressing world but also  the fashion industry and indeed to women in general.  After years of back-combing, big hair and lacquer he created styles that relied on severe geometric cuts to stay low maintenance and easy to wear. You could shake it, comb it and leave it to dry, saving hours each week and eliminating heat scorch and frizz from blow-drying and heat.

Vidal was one of the first people to turn hairdressing into big business.  His  branded shampoos, conditioners and products (as seen below with Andy Warhol, celebrity endorsement is nothing new!) were sold worldwide, and people he trained were allowed to franchise his salon name.  He now has academies around the world and is probably the most influential hairdresser we’ve ever seen. Stelios from our London hair salon was a trainer at the London Sassoon Academy before he came to us, and several of his students have come to us since. 

In later life Vidal became a great philanthropist, and was directly involved with rebuilding houses and communities in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina devastated the area. It was just one of many charitable causes that he gave not only his money but also his time to.

A film about Vidal Sassoon’s life was released in 2010. Even if you’re not interested in hairdressing it’s a great story about a remarkable man.

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