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The Hair Up Man

The Hair Up Man

Patrick Cameron is the man to go to if you have long hair.  Hairdressers throughout the world look to him for inspiration and education when it comes to dressing long styles.  A few of us went to an evening presentation he did last week.

Patrick arrived in his usual flamboyant style, and introduced his first model. He started off  back-combing with fingers and her hair was getting higher and bigger, then he pulled  the front section back, smoothed it,  pinned it and tucked in the back.

A bit of spray and this beautiful bouffant style was created, and he made it look so quick and easy. All he time he was explaining what he was doing, why he was doing it that way and what other effects could be achieved with a few simple tweaks.

Patrick then showed 3 more models, all taking less than 15 minutes from start to finish.  We particularly loved these finger waves with a side swept messy bun.

We came back to the salon hoping someone with long hair would come in so we could try out some of the styles…

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