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Larissa G

-The salon is swanky without being intimidating.
-The haircutting is trendy without being twatty.
-The cost is a bit spendy without being unreasonable.

I’m sure you could walk out of this place with a hairstyle that’s fit to take you straight to a Hackney dive bar if you wanted. But when I came in and asked for a trim and a bit of a restyle to amp up the ‘cool’ factor of my current look, the stylist (Paris) gave me just that. My hair’s suitable for my day job at the bank while still managing to make me feel like I’m hip to the beat.

The little things: The beautiful boy with blue eyes* working front of house exuded friendliness, was quite accommodating and had a wonderful smile. The wash was relaxing and unhurried. As for the cut: Paris took his time while snipping away at my locks and explained the things he was doing as he did them. If I had wanted to object, I could have – something to note if you’re a picky customer. He used a treatment oil on my ends before he blow dried my hair and then finished off the cut and meticulously trimmed my fringe. He cut my hair in such a way that the end result was suitable for both my hair type and my lifestyle; I appreciated that. He also used the Bumble & Bumble products I mentioned I had at home when he went to style my hair at the end.

A week on, I like my haircut better than I did on the day, I admit, but that’s always the way with me. Therefore, I’d call my visit to Vision a resounding success. Would I return for another haircut? Quite possibly. If that same front-of-house boy welcomed me with his charming smile? Most definitely.

YelpLarissa G

My girlfriend dragged me away from my local barbers to get my hair cut properly at this place a few months ago and despite my reluctance to go anywhere that gives you head massages and a glass of wine I have to say the local barber won’t be seeing me again. I have a double crown and bits which stick up in odd directions so instead of having any kind of style I’ve always just had “number 1 on the sides and back, bit longer on the top” but now I know how to use sumotech from bumble and bumble properly I have an actual style. It costs about twice as much as the barber but I only go half as often now. They also have the best background music in London!

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  1. I have had so many haircuts since I have been in London but none of the places left me with an urge to visit again. Then my friend told me about ‘vision’, I went from really long hair to really short hair and I love my new look, all thanks to Paris. Amazing atmosphere and people here really listens to you and gives you amazing advice rather than experimenting on you. Prices are bit out of budget of me but then they amazing offers coming every now and then. all I say is money well spent :)

  2. As I booked my appt at Vision, I thought the salon looked really cool & trendy and I have to admit; I did think it was going to be full of ‘up their own ****’ stylists. I couldn’t have been more wrong! I was greated by a lovely young lady with a beautiful smile who offered me a seat and a drink while I waited for my stylist; Stelios. A few minutes later this charming young man came to introduce himself and we proceeded to discuss what I wanted to do. He really took his time explaining my options taking into considerations my life style and the time I wanted to allocate to do my hair day to day. I loved my long hair but I was bored with the style I had had for years so I told Stelios to do what he liked pretty much. We agreed he was going to cut it quite short. (Inside my head, I was panicking about such a drastic change!)  
    Stelios was really attentive & chatty, checking & twicking the cut to make sure he was 100% happy with it before styling it.  
    Then, I looked in the mirror, it was like someone else was looking back! I absolutely loved my new hairdo! 
    After the initial shock of the lengh of hair I had cut: all my friends & colleagues have said that I look ten years younger, the cut is really cool, trendy & dare I say; quite sexy.  
    Dont hesitate & visit Vision. You’ll be made to feel like an old friend by the team, you’ll get a cool hairdo from true professionals and all that at a very reasonnable price! 

  3. Sakari

    This is the place to get your hair cut. All the personnel are really keen on serving people and the overall atmosphere is great. Also the toons they play in there are top notch quality.

    Now I’ve personally had many good haircuts in my life, but nothing compares to the one I got from Vision. You definitely want to ask for Stelios since the guy is genius with scissors. I mean… truly amazing!! You just have to go and try it yourself since no words will fully describe the experience. Best place for hair cuts, simple.

  4. Carlos

    After some problems with the haircut that I got on my first visit to Vision I must praise the team for doing everything possible to sort it out. I definitely would recommend Stelios as the previous reviewer did, who sorted the problems with my haircut in great style.
    Again, like on my first visit, great atmosphere and very nice people, everyone, from the assistants to the hairdresser; good head massage :) and good music. And it is definitely good to know that if something goes wrong the team will sort it out for you. Definitely recommended.

  5. Marta

    I had a great experience at Vision. The stylist ,Manuel, was very friendly and advised me on what style I should go for and gave me lots of tips on how to take better care of my hair. The receptionist was friendly, she offered me a drink while I was waiting for my appointment and I felt very comfortable. I really like my new haircut and the time that Manuel (the stylist) spend taking care of the haircut and making sure that I was happy with the length, layers, style etc.
    Very professional.
    I will definitely be going back and I recommend it.

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